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M F Adele

I would love to be able to edit the home page of my projects. For example, I don't need the Stats panel, and I would like to be able to add the covers of my books to the project home page. Currently, I can't delete the Stats panel, and I can't add more than one image. I would also like to be able to add a list panel or additional text panels for things such as to-do lists within the projects or separate notes for each series I have within the project world. I would enjoy being able to edit the index panel to exclude the modules that I don't use/pay for.


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It feels like devs didn't want people to abuse free part of system but once you start to actually use it it starts to bugger. I'd also love to hide modules, have some of them them always opened in index; maybe link that new Notepad thing with Notes or something (why isn't it visible from Home?); add more text panels; could use more pictures too or a folder with previews of all pictures for project. This stuff.