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If there could be the ability to nest or connect stories together, with the import option between stories, or a menu to select what we want imported? For novel writers who might be writing more than one story in a series, or if there are parallel universes with the same characters but the need to have their own world? So like a homepage for the series/world, but then the individual stories with all the features as separate things?


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In the most recent major update to the site a couple days ago, we released the "Project Hub", which is the homepage you'll be brought to immediately after logging into the site. From here, after creating a new project, you can use the "View Links" button to create a new "linked" story, which will present you with some options to synchronize modules for the linked stories you create as part of that project.

We'd definitely love to hear the community's feedback on this type of structure so let us know if there's anything else you'd like to see here!



Yes please! I'm working on a series and it would be a million times easier if I could set up one main section for the overall timeline, then go into separate areas for stuff like characters, specific timelines, and things like that.



I was thinking the same thing would be nice to have. Specifically for working on things like anthologies, especially with collaborators, it would be nice to have the ability to nest projects within each other with the capability to add elements to a sub-project and have them automatically uploaded to the same sections in the larger project but not the other sub-projects. For example: "Anthology Project" contains all locations for the project, but editing locations for Short Story 1 does not edit locations for Short Story 2.

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