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Anthony L. Isom

Could you please add a non-binary and/or genderfluid option to your GENDER selection in the sign up process?

It's 2021.


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Fell Skyhawk

Especially since they already added non-binary a, and b- that would be very helpful for why you said it. You got that one species in Star Trek where they have a third gender, actually I believe there are at least two in Trek. I forgot what they are called. I know in my stories I have a three gendered race and their third gender is called trimales, they carry the baby and the males and females just supply the genetic code.


Except we've both miss-read the OP's request.
They were talking abouyt the 'sign-in'page, for the irl account holder. I'll try and delete my previouse comment to get this back on-topic.
Sorry OP...

EDIT: There's no delete option, so I edited it to read deleted.