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While this is not necessary in the least, I would love a way to randomize a character profile based on the drop-down options. I wouldn't use it for main characters, but if I've got a lot of side characters who are similar (maybe a sports team) and I don't want them all to be flat/look identical, being able to randomly choose an indoor hobby, a positive personality trait and a love language, etc might be a creative spark to help those characters take shape.


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Annabelle Nelson

It would also be nice to have some random stats such as Height, Hair Length, Weight, Number of Pets, etc.

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Hey Amy,

This is actually something we definitely considered from the beginning by having the predefined attributes for the basic info panels. Our fundamental goal with this panel is to get rid of "blank page" syndrome and help inspire writers with a grab bag of attributes they can scroll through to inspire them and get them started, but down the road I could definitely see us implementing a google-ish "I'm feeling lucky" button to generate a new character with random attributes.

I'll make sure to pass this on so it doesn't get lost!

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