Relationship Web QOLs


1. Display the Subtitle of an element in addition to the name so that the relationship web can be used as a form of orgchart where the rank/position of the character can be seen.
2. Implement the curviness settings of the connectors in Pro to Blaze to allow elbow connectors.
3. Allow the selection and manipulation of multiple elements at once, a feature that was once available in Pro through Ctrl + Left Click
4. Smart movement and resize snapping relative to other elements in the web like in Google Slides where red lines will appear to tell you that the current element that's being manipulated is currently centered to another nearby element in position/matching another nearby element's size/matching the distance to a nearby element to yet another element.
5. Allow "Undo" functionality when adjusting elements such as movement or resizing.
6. Free zooming function that can go beyond the edges of the outer most elements.


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Status changed to: Planned