Timeline Feedback - Issues and Improvements


Timeline Issues:
1- Pop outs on timeline cannot be viewed properly when on left or right side. The object is placed outside of the app/browser

2 - Horizontal scrollbar is awkward and a pain to use being placed at the bottom. Makes it impossible to see upper plotline sections while using it. (arrow keys are less efficient and unavailable on a tablet)
-- Suggest moving Horizontal scrollbar to the top object with Timeline since that Object stays in a fixed position and floats over the other panels as you vertically scroll
-- Suggest making the horizontal scrollbar a little thicker as well

1 - Increase Zoom Out on timeline
--I want to see a larger section of the plotlines while also seeing the relationship connectors. Something that the "Expand Timeline" function does not offer


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To add on to this it would be very helpful if we could get a tabular view of events with editable dates. So lets say I've got a "the world is created" era that spans 500 years and I want to plop a dozen or so historical events in there. I would like to quickly change event 1 to year 1, event 2 to year 10, etc. This could be done by storing my events in a text document but then I would have my timeline split across multiple tools. If I could see the events in a table I could adjust dates willy nilly.



Just my two cents on the scrollbars. I think the timeline would work great without any visible scrollbars. Just make it draggable. If the drag does not start on top of an event, move the view.

Additionally, mouse scroll should move the view horizontally instead of vertically. Since the data is spread in the horizontal direction, the scroll should respect the same principle. Now it moves through datasets.

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